Invited Speakers Abstracts

Deadline: June 15, 2015

Instructions for Abstracts

Abstracts must be prepared using Word or LaTeX templates. These templates also provide instructions on preparation of the abstracts. When using the templates, do not make changes or modifications to the page layout or paragraph styles. The length of each abstract is strictly limited to one page. Before submission the abstract must be converted into the PDF format. It should look like this sample abstract. The file size should not exceed 5 Mb. Ideally, keep it small!

Note: The PDF file of abstract should be named as “A_Einstein.pdf”, where the first letter “A” should be the initials of the given name of the first author, followed by an underscore “_”, then “Einstein”,the full family name of the first author.

When the PDF file of your abstract is ready, proceed to the abstract submission page. All abstracts for invited talks must be submitted before the deadline (June 15, 2015).